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A secure, networked and expandable IT infrastructure is nowadays, in addition to production equipment, a decisive prerequisite for economic success. The planning and implementation process should be correspondingly professional.


Security is also playing an increasingly important role in the digital workflow. Production operations need to be protected against the failure of individual components, the data stock must be reliably protected and potential dangers from the Internet must be averted.


On the basis of a comprehensive inventory, the specialists for IT integration document the current situation of the existing IT infrastructure and develop a sound IT solution that is precisely tailored to current requirements and can react flexibly to future requirements.

Our Internet servers are located in a high-performance data center. Uninterruptible power supply, direct connection to various Internet backbones and strict access controls guarantee the constant and fast availability of your Internet pages.


We offer customized web hosting solutions that are tailored to the needs of our customers. This makes it possible to adapt the performance requirements at any time.


We place great value on service and technical support. We are your competent partner for all technical questions.

When using a content management system, we decide together with the customer in which form the CMS component can be adapted to the specific requirements of the company in use. 

eric naud IT Services (ENITS) offers flexible solutions, from a simple news area to a comprehensive content management system that includes all pages of an Internet presence.

If you would like to extend your internet presence with a shop or similar eCommerce solutions, we are happy to offer you solutions for this.

We are happy to assist you with adaptations or new developments of solutions.

Every day more and more solutions need to include mobile devices. In recent years, two basic systems have increasingly become established on the market in which these solutions should be established:

"Android" (Google) and "iOS" (Apple)

Here, the interaction of the developed application with their existing central databases or the use of existing processes is very important and necessary for active living applications to establish on the selected devices.

We develop appropriate new solutions or adapt existing systems for you.